7 Ways to Improve your Merch Table

Merchandise sales are critical to any successful band/artist. Naturally, a lot of these sales happen at live shows! Here are some tried and true tips to improve your selling ability in a live show setting:

  1. Accept Credit Card!

Why turn down a sale of someone willing to pay? There are so many solutions now that make it simple to take credit card payments through your smart phone. Take square reader as an example. You can go on their site, order your FREE mag stripe, which they will ship to you for FREE. The only catch is you pay a 2.65% processing fee per transaction. That’s only $2.65 per ever $100 of merchandise you sell via credit card.

  1. Make sure to have your booth attended, even when you’re on stage!

Ask a friend to attend the merchandise table when you’re on stage. Buy em a beer if you have to! Simply put… never leave your stuff unattended, and you will never lose out on a potential sale.

  1. Display is everything. Use gridwall panels and lighting!

First impressions are everything. Impress the audience for dirt cheap by purchasing gridwall panels and a few small LED lights. It will not only bring focus to the merchandise section, but also clearly display everything you have for sale.


4. Use the touch point to get people to sign up on your mailing list, follow on social media, and more.

If people are willing to buy something from you, chances are they liked what they saw! Take this opportunity to get your engaged audience at the merch table to sign up for your mailing list and follow you on social media. This is crucial to you forming a long term relationship with these customers and will ultimately lead to more future sales. Don’t have a mailing list yet? I suggest using mailchimp!

  1. Don’t pack up early!

Pretty self explainatory. Similar to the point about having your merch table manned by a friend, don’t pass up potential sales by tearing down your stuff early. Many people don’t like purchasing merchandise until the end of the show because they don’t want to hold onto it all night.

  1. Don’t display wrinkly t-shirts and apparel

Make sure your shirts are folded nicely, or displayed on a hanger! Again, first impressions are everything. Also a lot of the time, your audience wants to purchase your apparel and throw it on right away. They are less likely to do this with a wrinkly or dirty shirt.

  1. Use Bandbiz

Ok we might be a little biased on this one… but seriously using Bandbiz to record merchandise sales as they happen can keep you organized, and let you know which items are selling best. The Bandbiz software will automatically adjust your inventory levels, letting you know which sizes you have left, and when you need to order new stock! You can easily record sales as they happen on the handy Bandbiz mobile app. Start your free trial at www.mybandbiz.com today!

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