Grow Your Music Business With Email Marketing!

Musicians tend to do a good job of getting themselves noticed on social media platforms. Social media provides a fantastic opportunity to expose yourself to new fans, and engage with those who are already fans. With this being said, when it comes to driving actual sales for your music business, social media does not boast the same stats that email marketing does.

In short, it is absolutely crucial that you as a musician grow and utilize an email marketing list to continue engagement with fans, and ultimately drive more sales and downloads. Don’t believe me? Take some of these stats as an example:

  • Email is 40 times more likely to acquire a customer than Facebook or Twitter.
  • Email subscribers are 3 times more likely to share your content over social media than visitors from other sources
  • Email campaigns receive 50-100 times higher click-through rates than Facebook and Twitter.
  • There are 3 times more email users than facebook and twitter combined
  • For an average company, every $1 spent on email marketing leads to $38 in sales

There is no denying that email marketing is useful for driving business, and considering you want to make an honest living as a musician… its time you start treating yourself a little more like a business!

So how can you start with email marketing?

I recommend using an email marketing software such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, or Drip. I’ve always used Mailchimp because you can use it completely free for your first 2000 subscribers. All above options do offer free trials.

These softwares are great, as they all allow you to create fully responsive, visually appealing emails quickly and easily. They also allow you to organize lists, create automation, and more.

Once you get started

Once you’ve gotten started, all efforts should go towards growing your subscriber list. Here are a few suggestions for how you can do this:

  1. Embed your email signup form EVERYWHERE. This includes on your website, facebook page, twitter bio etc
  2. Collect emails with all digital downloads you sell (or give away)
  3. Collect emails at your merch table!
  4. Use contests or promotions to entice people to sign up for your mailing list. Often times releasing an “exclusive track” for those on your mailing list, or provide pre-buy opportunities for those on your list.

I hope you found this article helpful as a starting point to launch your email marketing plan! Don’t forget, for all your money and merchandise management needs, take a look at and start your free trail today!


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